Flower Cards - Appealing Pop Up Cards

Discover our collection of pop up flower cards! These greeting cards are perfect gift for someone who enjoys nature at its best.

The perfect blend of vivid colours, original design, good quality paper and precision of laser cutting guarantee overall very high quality of the final product. The fine details of flower petals and leaves as well as accented engravings are just astonishing!

Our pop up flower cards differ from theme to theme – we offer various models including Sunflower, Carnation, Lilly, Peony, Rose, Tulip, Lavender, Magnolia and more (Our personal favourite is carnation-themed card)

All of those greeting cards are coming with matching high quality envelope. Most of them have a little tag card where you can write your message as then stick the tag inside the card into specially designed space between card sheets. This will ensure that the surface of the card is untouched and when opened it can be a perfect part of a home decoration – it looks just beautiful on the desk or a living room coffee table.

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