About Us

Hello and Welcome!


First and foremost, we would like to thank you for the trust you put in us and our products!

Who we are?

We are UK-based (Wigan, Greater Manchester) fairly new family-run business that loves pop up cards of any shapes and flavours. The idea behind the business struck when our daughter was born back in 2018. She then was given a lot of 'Welcome to this world' kind of cards from our families and friends, and one of those was a pop up card and a money envelope we've not seen before!

We then started our research on available options, sourced first (and shy) orders of decorative envelopes from manufacturers and began selling on eBay only. In late 2020 when our daughter started to be kind of independent (as much as 3 years old can be) we decided to expand the business to 3D cards as well, and start the online shop under our own brand.